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Body Piercing History

Body Piercing The History

Body piercing is one of the most popular body modification forms. It is the process of cutting or puncturing the body in order to create an opening for an ornament to be worn or for any other facial piercing biloxireason. It is not easy to determine when this habit started because of lack of scholarly evidence. However, it is clear that it was practiced by both men and women in the ancient times. This article explores how body piercing has evolved over the years. Continue reading to know the history of body piercing.

Ear and nose piercing have been documented in most historical records around the world. Some of the oldest mummified human remains have been found with earrings, suggesting that the culture existed more than 5,000 years ago. Other historical records provide a strong suggestion that nose piercing was a popular culture in some parts of the world around 1,500 BC. Tongue and lip piercing are thought to have been done in both American and African cultures. Nipple piercing was a common practice in the Roman Empire while genital piercing was a widespread practice in ancient India.

Although the history of navel piercing remains shrouded in mystery, it is also thought to have been practiced in some cultures before 1,000 BC. Thus, the exact places where body piercing was undertaken may not be very clear in the olden days but it is certain that the habit gained a lot of popularity after the Second World War. It is after this period that body piercing in other parts other than the ear became part of the popular culture. It later spread into the mainstream popular culture in the 1990s.

body piercing biloxiThere are different reasons why various peoples practiced body piercing. For instance, some of them pierced their bodies as part of religious rituals. In the same vein, others did the piercing for aesthetic reasons only. As for genital piercing, some people, especially women, pierced their genitals for pleasure. As is still the case today, there are also those that practiced this in order to conform to the norms of the society or even to rebel against them.

Although some religious groups and institutions may be against body piercing, it is steadily gaining popularity today. While most people would prefer to have a few parts of the body pierced, others do multiple piercings. As such, even the Guinness Book of World Records has been according global recognition to people with the most body piercings.

Unlike ancient piercing that was crudely done, the contemporary body piercing is done with particularly designed materials. Further, there are people who have specialized in the field who do the piercing professionally. Nowadays, precautionary and sanitary measures are taken to ensure that the procedure is done safely to avoid injuries and infections.

The time it takes for the piercings to heal varies from one person to another. It will also depend on the part of the body where the procedure is done. For all your body piercing needs, visit the Carnivale Body Piercing shop and have the procedure done in a risk-free professional way. Body piercing on wiki

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